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  • Sounds of Silence Dinner
    The stars in the sky were the highlight
    It was a great experience overall. The astronomy talk was a lot of fun. The setting was exquisite. The food was ok but not enough light to see what we were eating. Canapés were not great. It would have been good to be warned how cold it was going to be as this was uncomfortable.
    Claude Naoum, 18/May/2018
  • Uluru Sunset, Field of Light Tour with Dinner and Optional Camel Ride
    Slightly disappointed
    The tour was booked several weeks ago but confirmation of the tour only came a few days before the requested tour date, and this caused a bit of panic as to whether we would be going on it. The pick-up, pre dinner drinks & canapes were excellent as sunset descended. We were then led to our evening feast with plenty of food and drink throughout. There was a good talk and demonstration of the star laden sky. We then went into the field of light, and this is where the slight disappointment lay. The field of light looked fantastic from a height but poor as you were walking in it. Apart from this it was a fun evening.
    Susan Edwards, 06/Apr/2018
  • Sounds of Silence Dinner
    Great Birthday Gift!
    Had a great time! Loved the music! Dinner was very good. Met some very nice people at our table, both from Australia and the USA. The sky was clear and so the star viewing was amazing! Really had a great time and would suggest this for anyone going to Ayers Rock.
    Brenda Hunt, 04/Apr/2018
  • Field of Light Tour with Optional Uluru Sunset, Exclusive Viewing Area and Guide
    Needed more time
    Everything seemed really rushed. Hardly had any time to spend exploring the light field due to having to get back to the buses. The bathrooms were horrible! - smelled bad and not clean.
    Brenda Hunt, 04/Apr/2018
  • Sounds of Silence Dinner
    Really enjoyed!
    Unique experience. Nice to meet people from ali ovet the wordl. A bit chili night, so plankets or something similar from the organiser would be a nice touch.
    Taru Koskiniemi, 12/Nov/2017
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